A high resolution Solana based next generation NFT collection. Watch out and get one before it is too late! The CryptoDemons will be available soon! Launch is on Mai 5th 2023.






Ultra High Resolution



About 34.9 mp


Engraving Style





Cross hatch & Pointillism


This roadmap shows our goals and concepts for this project. As we have a lot of other ideas not stated here, our roadmap will evolve over time and surprises will show up!


What makes us special?

We work on a next-generation Solana-based NFT with unlockable content where your acquired NFT artwork will be available as an ultra-high-resolution picture (8K+, maximum 34.9 megapixels). The artworks are one of the most (if not the most) detailed artworks ever launched with a blockchain, especially with the Solana blockchain, and this is clearly visible through the techniques used. The unique mixture of crosshatch, pointillism and engraving styles is used so that even every single crack and hair has been drawn and are visible. In addition to that, an other drop with brand new NFT features like dynamic attributes will be launched in late 2023 or 2024. We won’t tell too much for now but be sure to follow us to see what we are capable of!


Development & Promotion

We love quality and want to improve our artwork to make the CryptoDemons really cool. We are still working on several details, and the exact launch date will be announced as soon as both quality and technical aspects are correct. We would like to launch it in end of April 2023, but please be patient until all artwork and technical details are complete. Through different social media platforms, we promote our community, and we work with the community in these aspects to make this a great project.



Social & Environmental Impact

In face of today’s various and tremendous social & environmental challenges, CryptoDemons & Angels are joining forces to make the world a better place. An important amount of the net return will go to projects increasing social and/or environmental impact on the planet. The community will also be able to propose their own ideas on environmental or social projects.
Therefore, we need a strong and increasing community to help us to reach a significant leverage!




We are thinking not only of community events, raffles, online drawing competitions, or multiple cool giveaways, but also about having special access rights for Executive or VIP members for unique experiences. As we also intend to support our artists, NFT holders will be able to interact with the artist through web events and get special new NFTs.
We will design and create merchandise and sell it on our website or/and big marketplaces in the real world. We also are thinking about a card game and maybe some 3D prints in the long term – all this to have an active community.

In the real world, we are planning to be present on events such as exhibitions, but also festivals or concerts to have people joining our community. Getting in touch with the real world and letting people talk about our mission and values is our priority.

This ensures also constant growth of our community and is a threefold leverage:
• Our community will develop more firepower for environmental / social projects.
• Our artists will become well-known and will be able to improve their living situation.
• Finally, artists becoming famous will increase tremendously the worth of their art and of your NFTs.

On top, this helps to grow our community even further.
The constant growth of the community is important to reach our goals. For that reason, we will spend a significant part of the return into the community and IT development.



Explore our Multiverse

Our logo already shows that we will also work on a second drop: CryptoAngels. The CryptoDemons will be categorized into families by their different attributes. The CryptoAngels will also have different families, and we are working on some relationships between our creatures. Maybe you will meet the creatures in our metaverse further down the road or buy you own art-gallery?

Our first artist comes from Indonesia and he loves trying new things out. With him, we will constantly develop & add new features.

Solana next

nfts-img Mint here

Merchandise review

What kind of awards could I get after the NFT purchase?

We have implemented some nice surprises inside the NFTs such as:

- A special background with a green tree: you will get a certificate because we have planted a tree for such NFT
- A special coin in the demon's hand: you will get some of your SOL back
- A special cap: you will get a gift card for buying a cap from our shop
- Each NFT (demon) holder will get a discount on our angels.

You will also have different benefits, depending on the amount of NFTs you hold. You can for example be Grand Master if you have at least 12 CryptoDemons. This group will have special VIP status and will be the most powerful people in our Multiverse. In that case, you will get e.g. access to the Grand Master's Circle Discord group.

Each CryptoDemon holder will also have lifetime benefits as for example getting a significant discount on the next drops and even free NFT accessories!


Who are we?

We are starting with a strong team of four people with excellent knowledge in finance, science, and art. We founded a company in order to ensure independent growth of the community over time and we have plans to enlarge our brands and structures in the long term. The project is founded on solid financial fundaments thanks to our CFO and our Shareholder in international business, and we are happy to see what other possibilities emerge for our project in the next few years. Be part of the community and support the in-house development of the next generation Solana-based NFT technology! Let’s shape the future of our project together!

The Team


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