What is a CryptoDemon?

CryptoDemons is a collection of algorithmically generated CryptoDemons on the Solana blockchain based on handmade art from our indonesian artist. Every CryptoDemon is unique and some are extreme rare!

What features are planned?

We are working on several features:
- CryptoDemon holders will be able to have the sole access to the high resolution art. The high resolution art is stored on a private IPFS (public network) node and is therefore only accessible if you have the right NFT. As it is stored on IPFS, you will be able to get access to these high resolution artworks - in principle forever.
- We also planned to code new NFT mechanisms in terms of Semi-Fungible-Tokens and dynamic/changeable attributes for future collections.

Why should I buy your NFTs?

Apart from these unprecendent new features, you will benefit from participating in social and environmental projects:
First, you will encourage our young Indonesian artist. As you may know, in Indonesia the current situation is getting worse. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and a very high tsunami warning level were issued today!
Secondly, you will support a project with the "Soroptimiste International" and the French Forestry Commission ("ONF"): the reforestation of a WWI combat area in Verdun (France) where trees died because of bark beetle. NFT-certificates are planned for specific CryptoDemon holders.

How can I buy CryptoDemons?

If you do not have already a wallet on the blockchain, you can participate in our public sale and then the minting website is open for public sale, you will find a button "Pay with credit card".
If you already have a wallet on the blockchain, just register yourself on our whitelist by participating on our airdrop campaign (here) and participate in minting. Even better, if you encourage your friends and win a place on our presale whitelist!

How many CryptoDemons can I mint?

Everyone should be able to mint as many CryptoDemons as they want. Each transaction will be limited in order to give everyone a fair chance. If you buy 12 NFTs or more, you will be admitted to our VIP community.

When is presale minting?

Presale Minting is in end of April 2023, public minting is few days after presale minting.
Reveal is few days after public minting.

Who is behind CryptoDemons & Angels?

We are a team being enthusiastic about new technologies and want to use them to make the planet a better place to live (see also "Why should I buy your NFTs").

How will the earnings be invested?

We will ensure a sustainable growth of our community in order to multiply the beneficial effects by investing into technical developments and into highly professional art. At the same time, an important part of the net profit (we target at least 50%) shall be invested into environmental or social projects.

Contact us here

Via Twitter, Discord or Email: info@demonsangelsnft.com
Official Twitter: @DemonsAngelsNFT